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April Updates

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    April Updates

    Major Changes
    Taxes :
    Taxes will now be charged in up to three ways and can be set / updated live by the Minister of Plenty.
    (1) Income Tax : This is automatically deducted from your paycheck issued by Oceania if you make more than $50 a paycheck. The default is 5%
    (2) Wealth Tax : This automatically accesses your net worth and deducts a percentage of money based on which wealth bracket you are in. The wealthier you are, the lower the percentage you will be taxed this is a balancing technique to ensure the wealthy aren't made too poor the longer they play. The default is 5%
    (3) Property Tax: This takes the value of property you own and charges you a rate . The default is 25%

    Income will be assigned by class rather than faction. More advance classes / leadership roles will earn more than the entry level spots. Degenerates will only get a small stipend for purposes of obtaining food.

    Rations (Coming Soon) :
    Those with valid ID will be able to obtain basic rations issued by the Ministry of Plenty for purposes of needed necessities.

    General Change Log
    - Added the infamous THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF OLIGARCHICAL COLLECTIVISM book by Goldstein which gives characters the ability to question INGSOC / Oceania after reading it's passages .
    - Added Times News papers (They feature excerpts from the full page articles in our Ministry of Truth Database.)
    - Made tweaks to lockpicks to properly balance them.
    - Fixed endurance giving crazy fast run speed.
    - Fixed suit models being applied to certain models
    - A proper trash vendor is established whom will buy **ANY** item at 50% the value. (Located by the warehouses on the water -- Gary the Garbageman)
    - Made texture tweaks that will be released in the coming days
    - Huge change regarding taxes : Taxes are now in full effect again : Property, Income & Wallet / Wealth Tax
    - Changes to income : Income is now class based as opposed to just faction based.
    - Balancing done to the economy, many items now have lower prices including properties.